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Hard Disk Drive Shredder (Pd No. : 3007617)

(Updated : Jun/24/2016)
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Model Nm AX-2
HS CODE 847420
Ceritification CE
Keywords Shredder, HDDs Shredder, Hard Disk Drive Shredder, Shredding Machine, Crushing Machine
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[ Product Description ]


"The only way to delete the data absolutely is to destroy the hard disk completely."

- Robert Johnson, CEO of the National Association for Information Destruction

Because of hard disks (HDDs) being left unattended, the important trade secrets, security data, and private information of your customers can be leaked. As such, Hard Breaker AX-2, which was developed by the Technical Research Center of MOSE Security Co., Ltd., has acquired technical patent as a product that is optimized to shred various storage media, such as HDDs, mobile phones, SSDs, and LTO tapes.

It is mostly manufactured in accordance with various user requirements. It is a security device that is dedicated to shred storage media, and its technology was first acknowledged by overseas customers that made export inquiries in its initial stage of development.

Feature 1: Powerful dualshredding system

The patented and powerful dual shredding system shreds various storage media into minute particles having diameter of 30mm or smaller, which is beyond the European Security Grade B.

Feature 2: Capability to shred various media

It is capable of shredding various types of storage media ranging from server HDDs to SSDs, CDs, DVDs, LTO tapes, as well as various audio and video tapes.

Feature 3: Bar code scanning function

Each HDD has a unique bar code on its back. The bar codes of HDDs to be shredded can be read by the scanner. Then, the shredding data can be saved as a file and can be transmitted to a PC through the USB port mounted on a side of the control box. In addition, the detection sensor mounted at the inlet hole displays the daily work amount and the total cumulated work amount of HDD shredding.

Feature 4: Monitoring and recording of shredding process

The supervisor can control the process of security shredding because two cameras, which are installed at the inlet hole of the shredder, monitor the shredding worker and the inlet hole. Also, another camera, which is installed at the upper part of the chip collection box into which shredded particles are ejected, records the video of the shredding process.

Feature 5: Low-noise, dust-removing device

The shredding of HDDs normally generates much vibration, noise, and dusts. The low-noise, eco-friendly, and dust-removing system, which is embedded in the hard breaker, absorbs the dusts that have been generated during shredding.

1st prefilter (filter to screen dusts)

- It is made of sponge-shaped polyester.

- It is utilized in air-conditioning equipment as a pretreatment filter.

- It absorbs fine grains (10–30㎛) and particles in the atmosphere.

- It is easy to handle and affordable.

2nd hepa filter (filter to clean air)

- It is utilized as the final filter in clean rooms in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

- It filters 99.97% or more of particles having the diameter of 0.3㎛.

3rd carbon filter (filter to remove odor and germs)

- It filters various harmful substances (such as SO2 and NO2).

- It is made of activated charcoal absorbed in fabric and has excellent filtering amount and rate.

- In air cleaning, it prevents computers and instruments from being damaged because of corrosion or chlorine.

- It is usedto remove solvent fume during the work of handling volatile materials.


[ Product Features ]


1. Item name: Hard Breaker (Patent No: 10-1284981)

2. Model No.: AX-2

3. Internal/external devices

- External dimensions: 800㎜ x 950㎜ x 1,370㎜

- Weight: 700㎏

- Power consumption 3.7kW/220VAC/380VAC, 3-phase

4. Driving through the power system — driving channel —electric reduction motor

5. Product capability

- Motor power: 5HP (horsepower)

- Shredding capacity: 5 each/62–63 seconds (200 or more/hour: adjustable shredding rate).It has undergone performance test.


Shredding method: Dual shredding

Shredded particle size: 18㎜ x 40㎜ (random)

Cutter service life: 10,000 HDDs (in case of 3.5" desktop HDDs)

Continuous shredding: 6 hours

Operating noise: Standby mode —51.2dB(A), Shredding mode: 71.6dB(A)

Delete: HDDs (3.5" – 1.8", including server HDDs), SSDs, Tapes (3.5" or smaller), CDs/DVDs, and mobile phones

※ Server HDDs are shredded after the guides are removed.

Capacity of the shredded material box:50–70 HDDs


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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Hwang Ho seon
Company Mose Security Co., Ltd.
Address 183 Baekseok-ri, Paju-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea
Homepage www.gomose.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/mose-security--EC080853
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