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SEITTA Therapy(Pd No. : 3014279)

(Updated : Apr/10/2019)
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Keywords Specific electromagnetic infrared ray thermal therapy apparatus
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SEITTA Therapy

The synthetic electronic waves generated from this SEITTA Plate penetrates

deeply(40~80mm) to the therapeutic region of the patient and result in

treatment effect through biochemical reaction.

This unique SEITTA emits a specific wavelength with an infrared frequency, which is a device that heals the wound by inducing infrared radiation inside the human body

What is SEITTA?

SEITTA therapy (Specific electromagnetic infrared ray thermal therapy apparatus) is a new concept of medical device first developed by


SEITTA therapy (Specific electromagnetic infrared ray thermal therapy apparatus) is a new concept of medical device first developed by


The safety of this device to human body has been proved through numerous clinical trials through more than 20 reliable institutions including Research Institute of Electromagnetic Spectrum, and many other Medical Colleges.

This medical device has been used in most of the medical institutions across and has been treated in several tens of million people.


Plate is composed of various elements at a certain ratio and is made by plastic working at high temperature. When it is heated,It is a SEITTA therapy device that emits infrared rays in a specific spectrum to show a specific biological response to the human body and biology.


If the trace elements in the human body is low, normal growth will not be possible and many kinds of diseases including functional weakness of organism, and loss can be caused. Plate is the core part of SEITTA therapy and consists of more than 30 inorganic elements.  

When heat is applied to the treatment plate and temperature reached to certain

degree, the plate emit the electromagnetic wave of 2-25 micron wavelength.


The mineral infrared therapy is a breakthrough device in medical circle.

Basically, this device not only stimulates the metabolism, enhance immunity, but also improve (microcirculation) and eliminate the inflammation.


Many hospitals and universities have been conducting experiments to investigate the biological effects on the heated radiation of infrared.


SEITTA treatment plate, the most important part of this device, is an important accomplishment of science and technology. plate consists of the trace elements,minerals, and beneficial for the human body by causing special electromagnetic infrared rays and cure the affected (Pain) area.


Deeply penetrates into subcutaneous tissues

The amazing results that surprised many experts

The athletes using SEITTA will have same effect as having anaerobic exercise.  

It has the ability to eliminate fatigue and recover strength when used

by athletes after the game or training.


Beside, it is good for Sauna and leisure industry as its main function is soothing fatigue and recovering health.


SEITTA therapy is used by many health care professionals, including orthopedics, physical therapists, oriental medical practitioners, chiropractic therapists, acupuncturists and others.


Back pain, cervical spondylosis, osteoarthritis, embolism.Knee joint cartilage damage, soft tissue damage and ligament damage. Rheumatoid arthritis, pain in the hands and feet, headache.internal congestion, hematoma, thrombosis, edema, blood circulation disorder embolism.menstrual pain, gynecological inflammation, surgical wound.

In the past 16 years, millions of patients around the world including Europe, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, and United States have been treated very safely.



Mystical treatment effect of SEITTA

This infrared heat is temporary effective for pain relief such as to muscle pain, arthritis, shoulder / back pain, stiff joints, and etc.

Plate is good for light muscle pain, temporarily relief on the stiffness caused by arthritis,

and temporarily improve on the local circulation and muscle relaxation.

In addition, Plate is also helpful to relieve pain, promote blood circulation,

metabolism, and epithelial growth, strengthen physiological functions and immune


It helps to relieve muscle cramps, strain, or muscle strain and back muscle pain. It will be converted to Plate type when the chair cover placed to the main body, and is used in the treatment of PID, vaginitis, urethritis, gynecological problems, and prostate related problems.

Beneficial effects include reduced joint hardening, increased vasodilatation, relieved muscle spasm, or sprained ligaments. It is the body's circulation of blood and lymph and the activity of the nervous system

SEITTA is widely used by the physical rehabilitation doctors and many other physicians.


SEITTA plate coated with 33 elements essential to the human body, when heated, will emit special electromagnetic waves with wave length ranging 2-25µm and strength 28-35mw/cm2., In the length and strength, the wavelength emitted by the device is quite similar to what human body emits. You can feel the heat during SEITTA treatment.

But it actually is not heat but due to the effect of electromagnetic wave that has

unbelievable treatment effect. In addition to the emission of electromagnetic wave, the head of this device emits minerals from the treatment plate.


The minerals absorbed in the body will bring about vibration of the basic elements in our body and stimulate similar minerals in molecular units.

Naturally, the electromagnetic waves and minerals coming from the treatment plate will induce biological effects, and strengthens microcirculation and metabolism.

Duration of Treatment

Patient burns or other accidents can happen in case the distance between the treatment plate and patient's body is too close or being exposed to excessive long treatment time. The most suitable distance is what patients feel most comfortable, and it is necessary to alert that skin burns can be can be caused to the patients with skin dull sense during treatment. The maximum treatment time is 15 minutes when the local skin temperature is 45 degrees celsius.

SEITTA Plate, when subjected to a special heating temperature, will emit infrared with certain spectrum of trace elements, and produce biological effect and thermal reaction to the skin surface of human body.




























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