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Airmax clean mat, STS, Removing dust from shoes(Pd No. : 3014354)

(Updated : Feb/23/2018)
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HS CODE 842139
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Keywords Clean Mat,AIRMAX, Suction, fine dust, air mat, suction mat, sticky mat
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[ Product Description ]


By installing "AIRMAX Clean Mat", you can intercept fine dust and all kinds of harmful substance from the entrance. This product improves indoor air quality by removing airborne bacteria delivered 80% by shoes.

product summary

A newly invented device for removing dirt up to micro-dust on the bottom of shoes by suctioning the air instantly : “AIR MAX (CLEAN MAT)”

The Air Max system is for intercepting all kinds of dirt coming into indoor from outside. By using HEPA filter, the “Air Max” system collects micro-dust including harmful substances, germs…. with the most effective way.


Proposing Air Max (Clean Mat ) System


≫ The modern society is suffering from global warming and greenhouse effects, air pollution, all kinds of virus

including flu, influenza ….etc..
≫ These invisible viruses and harmful substances float in the air and are spreading through the micro-dust .
≫ The polluted substances and dust are threatening our health very seriously at all over the places.
1) Air pollution is getting worse
2) An evaluation of air quality inside of buildings
≫ The level of air pollution of places where having high traffic of people passing, like offices, hotels, airport,
fitness clubs, restaurants….etc is usually high due to increased micro-dust brought by the shoes of people.
≫ Current carpet type mats are not very effective on removing dirt from shoes, there are high possibilities of
spreading respiratory diseases and harmful substances to the people at the places where using those mats.
3) A solution for improving air quality inside
≫ Statistics shows that the shoes bring 80% of total micro-dust, harmful substances and germs into indoor
from outside. The Air Max(clean mats) fundamentally improve the quality of air by blocking, minimizing
the micro-dust, harmful substances, germs at the entrances of a building and spaces inside.

4) Expected effect

≫ With quite improved air quality, the system provides benefits of improving health
condition of all the people working inside and therefore increases their productivity.
≫ Keeping clean environment and air inside all the time by blocking all the bad
substances on shoes of lots of visitors and customers from outside.
≫ Installing the Air Max system can possibly enhances very positive image of
companies and businesses through taking care of health matter of public.
≫ By providing clean environment, it possibly makes visitors and customers happy
and make them willing to come back again and again.


Comparison of Air max with general mat




Product constitution





Merits of Air Max


◈ Easy to use
◈ Efficient durability
The mat materials are very durable against shocks and corrosion and it accepts any kind, any size of shoes.
Using the mat on rainy, snowy days is wonderful.
◈ Easy maintenance
Simple walking on the mat gives an excellent effect of preventing contaminated substances including micro-dust, germs from flowing into indoor.
Operation is so simple and it is very easy to replace
the dirt envelope which collects all the bad substances from the bottom of shoes.

The characteristics of Air Max



An effect


The places where need the Air Max(clean mat)



load tests of clean mat


Testonic Inc. has succeeded developing AIRMAX Clean Mat in consquence of continuous R&D for green industry. We are certain that AIRMAX Clean Mat can intercept all kinds of germs, fine dust, and harmful substance by installing it in front of the entrance to make pleasant environment. We will do our best to develop better products. 



TEL : 82-31-432-4380 FAX : 82-31-432-4381
406-8, Mongnae-dong, Danwon-gu,
Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-Do,

Company Information

company information
Contact Person OkNam Kang
Address 110, Sandan-ro 35beon-gil, Danwon-gu Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Homepage www.testonic.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/testonic--EC074543
Tel 031)4324380 Fax 031)4324381
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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