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Sterling silver with enameling crafts,arts,gifts, crafts, promotional gifts(Pd No. : 3014475)

(Updated : Oct/23/2014)
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Model Nm Sterling silver with enameling gift
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Keywords Sterling silver with enameling crafts,arts,gifts, crafts, promotional gifts, korea product
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[ Product Description ]



The art of enameling involves the design of lines, shapes, colors and textures into imaginative images by means of the technique or craft of enameling. The practice of these techniques may take considerable experience before it is fully understood and controlled. Yet, there are many aspects of the process which allow simple steps on the way to achieving great skill.

Enamels applied to crafts produce various color effects. With careful experimentation, the subtle variations in color and form can be controlled. The real joy in enameling lies in creating a design motif which exploits the brilliance of the enamel colors through technique and control. Fusing the enamel to the copper surface with heat completes a project which in the beginning existed only in one’s imagination.


History of Enameling

It is believed that vitreous enamel work had its beginning with early civilizations around the Mediterranean from the sixth century B.C. or even earlier. Greek sculpture from the fifth century B.C. shows surfaces with areas of inlaid metal covered with enamel. The ancient Greek goldsmiths inlaid their jewelry with thin coatings of white and blue enamel between gold wires. This is one of the first examples of the cloisonné process. By the third century B.C., the enamel process had spread to England and Ireland. The process continued to move slowly from Europe to Asia Minor and the Middle East, to China and Korea(chilbo), and then to Japan by the third century A.D.


Enamel for crafts

Enamels are purchased in different types finely ground powder, lumps, threads, liquid suspensions, oil based colors, etc. Enamel powders are either of opaque or transparent colors, each having its own characteristics. The opaque enamels produce a solid color effect completely covering the surface underneath. An opaque color is often used as a base coat with other enamels applied over it. Transparent enamel provides a color effect which permits the color of the enamel or metal underneath it to be seen. The effect is similar to looking through colored cellophane or tinted window glass. The blending and overlapping of transparent with opaque enamels comprises a most creative aspect of enameling. After the basic processes of enameling are well understood through simple projects, experiments with mixtures of opaque and transparent colors should be tried on sample color pieces.

The lumps and threads of enamel are actually amounts of the enamel hardened from a molten stage into odd-shaped pieces or drawn-out threads of glass. These provide exciting spots or lines of brilliant color when used on solid areas of color or imbedded in transparent areas. Liquid form enamels are finely ground glass in distilled water; pre-mixed colors in oil are also available.



[ Product Features ]


ornament, decoration, gift, interior piece



-All products are handcrafted.

-Manufactured by patented particular process

-Size is available(large, medium, small) whatever you want.

-The other products is available(Long neck Vase, a jewellery case, creamer, sugar bowl and spoons set, silver and gold jade teapot, teacup, trays set, teapot set, brandy goblet) whatever you want.



Material: sliver(99.9%), coloured enamel

1) Size(Long neck Vase)

large size: 10.5cm10.5cm20.5cm

medium size: 8.5cm8.5cm18cm

small size: 7cm7cm13cm


long neck vase

long neck vase

long neck vase

2) Size(Jewellery case)

No.1~No.4 size: 14.5cm9cm8.5cm

No.01~No.02 size: 28cm20cm13.7cm

Jewellery case

Jewellery case

3) Size(creamer, sugar bowl and spoons set)

(1)No.1~No.5 creamer, sugar bowl size: 8.2cm8.2cm6.5cm

tray size: 18.2cm10.5cm

(2)No.6~No.10 creamer, sugar bowl size: 5.1cm5.1cm4.7cm

tray size: 15.2cm8cm

(3)No.11 creamer, sugar bowl size: 11.5cm6.3cm8.4cm

tray size: 24.5cm11.2cm

(4)No.12 creamer, sugar bowl size: 8cm8cm8cm

tray size: 19cm10.7cm

(5)No.13 creamer, sugar bowl size: 6cm6cm7.5cm

tray size: 17.7cm9.8cm

(6)No.14 creamer, sugar bowl size: 11.5cm5.8cm8cm

tray size: 21.9cm10.5cm

(7)No.15 creamer, sugar bowl size: 8.3cm8.3cm7cm

tray size: 20.9cm12.1cm

(8)No.16 creamer, sugar bowl size: 8cm8cm7.5cm

tray size: 20.3cm11.4cm

creamer, sugar bowl and spoons set

creamer, sugar bowl and spoons set

creamer, sugar bowl and spoons set

creamer, sugar bowl and spoons set

4) Size(silver and gold jade teapot, teacup, trays set, creamer, sugar bowl set)

(1) No.1 teapot size: 11cm9cm8cm

tray size: 26.5cm15cm

(2) No.2 teapot size: 8.3cm11cm7.7cm

tray size: 27.4cm15.3cm

(3) No.3 creamer, sugar bowl size: 7.5cm7.5cm7cm

tray size: 18.5cm10cm

silver and gold jade teapot, teacup, trays set

silver and gold jade teapot, teacup, trays set

5) Size(teapot set)

teapot size: 13.5cm7.5cm6cm

teapot set

6) Size(brandy goblet)

brandy goblet A: 4cm7.8cm

brandy goblet B: 5cm9cm

brandy goblet

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