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Sterling silver Ship-jangsaeng,Ten Symbols of Longevity statue,gifts,crafts(Pd No. : 3014476)

(Updated : Oct/23/2014)
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[ Product Description ]

One motif from Korea's religious traditions that is still most commonly employed and considered meaningful is the Ship-jangsaeng(Ten Symbols of Longevity). This set forms a very important part of the Korean decorative arts tradition, and was used on everything from folk paintings and folding screens to embroidered decorations on fabrics for all kinds of uses in daily aristocratic life. These days it is still frequently used, including on modern art products.

To enjoy a robustly healthy life in wise harmony with nature, in the beautiful actual places of this planet for as long as possible, even for hundreds of years if one attains the highest forms of enlightenment according to legends, is a key ideal throughout Korean culture. This is one of the supreme values of Chinese and Korean Daoism, standing in contrast to the otherworldly or afterlife obsessions of the religions that originated in the Middle East and South Asia. It is the main goal of Korea's indigenous Shinseon-sasang(Spirit-Immortal Ideology)that permeates and colors its Buddhism, Shamanism, Confucianism, folk-culture and other traditions.

The funny thing about the “10 symbols of longevity” is that there are now actually 12 of them, used in a variety of combinations on various artworks that can be found. The classical list of them, usually named in Chinese-character vocabulary, is:



Korean word


The sun


The sun is a constant source of light, in contrast to the ever-changing moon. It is the warming energy of Heaven that gives and nourishes life.



Mountains seem to keep their shape forever.



Water, usually depicted in its moving forms such as

rivers, waves and waterfalls, is the Daoist symbol of

infinite flexibility of flowing form that avoid harm and

destruction, and can even overcome earth & stone.



Clouds are the heavenly form of water, ever

changing their forms and drifting without care.

Rocks / Stone


Rocks, stone, minerals and jewels are the hardest

and most enduring things in nature.

Pine trees


Many pine species live for centuries , and they

remain evergreen even in the winter, indicating

vitality and aristocratic dignity.

Mushroom of immortality


This mythical kind of mushroom is famous in

Daoism as “growing in the land of the immortals”

and brings eternal life to those who eat it. It is

depicted as quite similar to the actual fungus that

grows on rotting logs known as Yeongji-beseot, a

valued and common ingredient in Oriental medicine



Tortoises and sea-turtles are famous for living for

centuries throughout the Orient.

White cranes


They are shown as companions of the Daoist

immortals, messengers that can communicate to

and from Heaven, and also Confucian symbols of

marital fidelity and the dignified grace of scholars.



Also frequently companions of the Daoist immortals

in classical artworks. Thought of as especially

spiritual and gentle animals, and medicine made

from their horns increases human health and vitality.



[ Product Features ]


ornament, decoration, gift, interior piece


-All products are handcrafted.

-Manufactured by patented particular process

-Material is available(pure gold, plated with gold) whatever you want.


Material: sliver(99.9%)

Size: 24cm☓22cm☓28cm


Sterling silver ‘Ship-jangsaeng’(Ten Symbols of Longevity) statue

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