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Sublimation Transfer Paper(Pd No. : 3015138)

(Updated : Jun/25/2015)
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Model Nm Dye sublimation transfer paper
HS CODE 480990
M.O.Q 1 pallet
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What Is Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper?

Hansol Sublimation heat transfer paper is used in the dye-sublimation printing process for applying images to specially coated ceramics, metals or polyester. When heated, the ink converts from a solid into a gas, skipping the liquid phase. 

Heat Transfer

  • Sublimation paper used, as heat transfer paper in dye-sub printing is not coated like the receptor surface. It has a special finish that prevents the ink from soaking into the paper. After the paper is printed with the transferable image, it is placed on the coated surface of the receptor product to be imprinted with heat and pressure from a heat press.


Paper Properties

Sublimation heat transfer paper comes in widths of 24 to 63 inches. High-release dye-sub heat-transfer paper has a silicate coating applied in vertical grids to hold the ink. During printing, heat from the press evaporates or sublimates the ink into a gas form. The released ink vapor then bonds with the surface of the receptor material to form a permanent print.

HOW TO USE Sublimation heat transfer Paper?

Hansol Sublimation heat transfer paper is coated with a special chemical that transfers any printed images on the paper to another material or surface when placed under heated pressure. Such paper is popular for among individuals who want to place logos, pictures and other printed graphics on clothing.

What Is Special About HANSOL Sublimation Paper?

Hansol Sublimation paper or heat transfer paper takes ink from a printer and transfers it to a hard surface like a coffee mug or a soft surface like fabric. When heated the inks permanently dye the material.


  • Hansol sublimation heat transfer paper for use on textiles has a film coating that does not bind the dye. This allows the maximum release of dye on to the surface on which the image is being transferred.

Hard Surfaces

  • Hansol sublimation paper for rigid surfaces has the advantage of drying quickly, due to a silicate-based coating that allows vapor to escape. This type of paper may have a tendency to cockle or wrinkle.

High quality Paper

  • Hansol sublimation paper works well with high-speed inkjet printers. This paper dries faster, takes ink well, and does not cockle.

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