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CRINABLE Fruit and Vegetable Natural Cleanser 60g(Pd No. : 3015429)

(Updated : Jan/12/2015)
product information
Model Nm CRINABLE 60g
HS CODE 282590
M.O.Q 100
Keywords agricultural pesticides, coating wax, bacteria, germ, cleaning, cleanser, calcium oxide, shell
Seller ID ansimine
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Excellent at removing bacteria

Sterilization by time

With 99.9% sterilization power, CRINABLE removes food poison causing bacteria, fungus and other micro-organisems. Also, it eliminates pathogenic bactera that could have been created due to insufficient fermentation of organic ferilizer.


Colon bacterium
Staphylococcus aureus
15 Seconds
3 Minutes
5 Minutes
10 Minutes
30 Minutes


CRINABLE exfoliates pesticides and wax from fruit/vegetables.

CRINABLE separates impurities and cuts the molecule structure of pesticides to effectively sliminate the left over pesticides on the fruit and vegetables. 
CRINABLE was approved to exfoliate pesticides by Korea Advanced Food Research Institute. You do not have to rub fruit and vegetables to remove the wax. The wax will be completely removed after simply putting the fruit/vegetables in the CRINABLE diluted water.


Made of natural shells

CRINABLE is FREE of surfactant, chemicals, preservatives, scent and coloring.


Slows down the oxidation process to keep the freshness of fruit and vegetables.

CRINABLE has anti-bacterial coating effect. It slows down the oxidation process so fruit and vegetables will remain fresh for longer time period.


Tip! You can use CRINABLE for the below uses as well

  1. Dilute 1g of CRINABLE in 1L of water. Put dishes, knives or chopping boards into the diluted water and rinse them in 5 minutes for bacteria elimination.
  2. Same thing goes with kitchen towels(fabric). Put the towel in the CRINABLE diluted water for a while and throughly rinse with running water. After the towel is completely dried, bacteria will be removed.
  3. Sprinkle the left over of the CRINABLE diluted water on the plants. It will make them grow well.


  • Depending on the cultivation process of fruit and vegetables, floating particles of dust might not be created.
  • CRINABLE doesn't get diluted completely in water. Particles might sink on the bottom.
  • Please compare the conditions of fruit and vegetables before and after they have been washed with CRINABLE.

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company information
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Company KUMHO Co.,LtD
Homepage www.crinable.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/kumho--EC074468
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