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Blood Circulator-Reflexologist(Pd No. : 3016559)

(Updated : Feb/29/2016)
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Model Nm UFLEX
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Application of Acupuncture UFLEX

Acupuncture in Oriental MedicineThe feet are so closely related to health that they are sometimes referred to as the 2nd heart. In oriental medicine, it was considered that apertures responding to each part of the body are gathered on each sole. It is said that all kinds of disease in the five viscera can be cured and prevented by stimulating the meridians on the toes and soles, since it activates the movement of internal organs that correspond to each meridian.


Features of UFLEX

Compact physiotherapeutic device Low frequency wave  Anti bacteria coating 20 wave forms alternating every minutes Soft slim design with light weight Can be done at your own schedule.Stimulate  Reflex zones, Nerve, Muscle and capillariesImprove Blood circulation, Body natural healing power


Reflex Zone Chart

BIO Rhythm of UFLEX ORAORA is a measurement equipment which can be measured the change of human biological rhythm by its color.

What is UFLEX

UFLX is a compact physiotherapeutic device developed by a group of doctors based on traditional foot reflexology and acupuncture theories. The UFLEX utilize low frequency stimulation to provide the ultimate feeling of relaxation in your feet and other areas of your body. The unique 20 wave forms that can be adjusted from 1 to 99 of intensity level are used to stimulate reflex zones, nerves, acupuncture points, and muscles. UFLEX promotes increased blood circulation to the treated area while relaxing tense muscle tissue. Reflexology in Eastern Medicine deals with the concept that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. 

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Company Jinnys Co.,Ltd
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