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Bebefood Soy sauce 2 types(Pd No. : 3017808)

(Updated : Jan/10/2018)
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Model Nm for seasoning/for soup to boil
HS CODE 210310
Ceritification HALAL CE RoHS
Keywords Korean food, baby food, natural food, seasoning, soy sauce
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[ Product Description ]



1. Korean soybean

‘Bebefood soy sauce’ is made of Korean soybean.


2. No food additives

Not add any food additives, just hold pristine health.


3. Korean traditional medicinal soy sauce

Catbrier root and fermented green tea give relish to soy sauce, and besides help making children healthy.


4. Professionalism

Using Korean traditional fermentation technique can preserve nutrient and taste of soy sauce.


5. The recipe suitable for infants

We develop optimum delicious recipes for children with cuisine researcher specializing in child food.


6. Hygiene manufacture

Manufacture in hygienic facility selected by exacting standards.


[ Product Features ]


1. 100% Korean soybean

It is a clear and safe soy sauce made of selected Korean soybean.


2. Low-salt soy sauce

The salt level of ‘Bebefood soy sauce’ is lower 6~10% than general soy sauce. So it can prevent children take in lots of sodium.


3. Korean traditional medicinal soy sauce

‘Korean traditional medicinal food’ means that the food made of healthful ingredients using Korean traditional method. There are green tea containing rich antioxidant and catbrier root helping heavy metal emissions in ‘Bebefood soy sauce’.


4. Oligosaccharide

Oligosaccharide encourages the growth of bifidobacteria, helpful bacteria that occur naturally in the human gut, and besides its calorie is lower that sugar.


5. The extract of Korean fruits and vegetables

Adding extract of Korean apple, leek and kelp gives relish to soy sauce without food additives, so children can have delicious the soy sauce.


6. Korean traditional fermentation technique

Use natural ripening soy sauce fermented for a year in the natural clay jar, so it can preserve enzymes and unique nutrients of traditional soy sauce.



 [ 产品特点 ]


1. 100%韩国产大豆



2. 低盐酱油



3. 药膳酱油












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company information
Contact Person CHANG SIG, YANG
Address #806, 25, Sagimakgol-ro 105beon-gil, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Homepage www.bebefood.biz , http://seller.buykorea.org/bebefood-korea--1087133
Tel 0317376028 Fax 0317376029
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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