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ZombieZERO Series-1(Pd No. : 3018163)

(Updated : Mar/13/2017)
product information
Model Nm ZombieZERO Series
HS CODE 852351
M.O.Q ZombieZER Agent - 100 Copy / ZombieZERO Inspector - 1 Set
Keywords APT, Information Security, Malware, Hacking, Ransomware
Seller ID npcore1

[Company Introduction]


Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a new hacking technique used by cyber criminals to persistently attack target victims using various methods (e-mail, web, etc.) until their objectives are achieved. Zombie ZERO uses an agent-based behavioral detection system installed on PCs and a network-based behavioral detecting system which analyzes files from packet through virtual machines. It is designed to defend against new APT attacks and detect malware and provides information security to prevent ransomware and data exfiltration, network failures.



[Product Description]

TWO-LEVEL APT Defense Solution


The two-level defense system of Zombie ZERO, which interworks between an agent-based behavioral defense system and a network-based behavioral detection system, can defend the infiltrating malware that bypasses a network and responds with lower false-positive rates quickly and accurately.



[Product Features]


Accurate detection with minimal false-positive rates through interworking between agent-based and network-based analysis.
Independent behavioral analysis on agent-based and network-based systems.
Malware detection and blocking from bypassing the network security systems such as encrypted traffic, and other hidden threats.
Blocking harmful outbound traffic.
TWO-LEVEL Defense : Firstly, network-based behavioral engines respond to the incoming files and secondly, agent-based behavioral engines respond to them at end-point.
Multiple Analysis : A signature-based anti-virus engine detects known malware and behavior-based engines detect unknown malware.



Network-based Detection and Analysis

Zombie ZERO Inspector


Malware detection through file analysis from network traffic
Behavioral analysis through virtual systems
Pattern generation for detected malware



Agent-based Analysis and Quarantine

Zombie ZERO Agent


Detection and blocking based on behavioral analysis for malware
Process management and detection / blocking of malicious changes
Detection and quarantine for data exfiltration



System Management and Monitoring



System operation and monitoring, dashboard
Generation of detailed logs and reports
Centralized and policy-based management

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Han Seungchul
Company NPCore, Inc.
Address ISBizTower #1001, 1002
Homepage www.npcore.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/npcore--EC059773
Tel 15445317 Fax 024135317
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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