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Elm Kneechair(Pd No. : 3019192)

(Updated : Jun/16/2016)
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Model Nm BNL-PCH200
HS CODE 940179
M.O.Q 100 ea
Keywords Kneechair, Silver goods, Health, Chiropractic, Therapy, Prayerchair
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Prayer Kneeler Chair


Elm Prayer Kneeler is a handmade elm prayer chair able to concentrate on praying on the knees in a sitting posture for a long time.


1. You can pray deeply for a long time.
The proper slope of the left plate can help to straighten the back, even if sitting for long, it gives comfortability. Particularly, the surface of hip figuration provides a soft feeling of sitting, which can prevent the leg from being hung and prevent the posture from being twisted, even if using for a long time.

2. You can have a cool waist.
It distributes the weight of the upper body to hip and leg bone to make the waist cool and helps to maintain the right posture.

3. It is an eco-friendly ergonomic design product.
It is a nature friendly concept prayer kneeler with natural elm, not plastic or synthetic resin. In case of a newly launched low-height version, it is designed ergonomically in an arc on the calf part, obtaining design patent.

4. It is 100% handicraft product.
The class is different. The elm prayer kneeler is 100% handmade. There is only one in the world. Even the same product is different in external pattern and color depending on the tree part. Also, as it is a handicraft, it has a minor difference even in shape.


BNL Korea is a company which pursues convenience and happiness through upgrading living style. It enriches life and produces hand-made living space design products. BNK KOREA brand [BNL] represents Bless & Love, and it leads the realization of a society which shares dreams and love and harmonizes with all people by sharing and adding blessings and love in social dissatisfaction and anxiety full of envy, jealousy, and emotional conflict.
Based on the experience in development of wooden props and product planning, it was established in Nov. 2013. It became known after the prayer chair (knee chair) and table made with elm tree gained popularity.
Currently, BNL KOREA plans products based on the natural concept “Tree, Flower and Fragranc,” and designs props or furniture, decoration interior products, and aroma products with florists and aroma therapists to introduce unique products.
Intellectual property rights or patents are applied for all products introduced on the market, and high quality products are developed from the planning stages to production, marketing, and sales stages all in one-stop system, after domestic and international safety testing and certifications.

Company Information

company information
Contact Person SOHEE YOON
Homepage www.blessnlove.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/bnl-korea--EC092773
Tel 07088701727 Fax 0312631727
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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