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Dr Corset Miss Poly, leggings (Pd No. : 3020123)

(Updated : Oct/30/2014)
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Korean Intellectual Property Office correcting spine underwear patent
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[Product Description]

The spine and posture of the new generation are becoming weak and worse, respectively, because of the increased use of computers and the Internet as well as the long-term use of smartphones. Improper postures threaten our health.

Doctor Corset is a first-class medical instrument of the Korea Food and Drug Administration with manufacture item registration number Seouljesin 12-89, 13-143. It is the first wearable medical instrument that is made of fabric (a new material braided with cotton + coolon). It does not cause orthosis, unlike those that are made of hard plastic material. For general orthoses, it is recommended to wear it for long hours (over 20 hours a day) and for a short period of time (less than 3–5 months). Doctor Corset can be worn for long hours and for a long period of time (over a year) like an underwear. After it was released with an inverse concept, it acquired an underwear patent for correcting the spine from the Korean Intellectual Property Office based on positive reviews from customers, and currently, we have completed an application for an underwear patent for correcting the pelvis.

It is an easy-to-use and convenient medical underwear for adolescents who want to achieve good postures as well as middle-aged men and elderly people who suffer from backaches to help them maintain proper postures by wearing it like an underwear and resisting the gravity of the Earth based on overall strength and not through exercise. Moreover, when wearing it for a long period of time, it helps in the restoration of attractive body figures in postnatal women as well as in the enhancement of strength and balanced correction of the pelvis in young women.

The body functions of men of the new generation also deteriorate because of lack of exercise as well as their weakened spines and their surrounding muscles. By wearing Doctor Corset, you can maintain a good posture, strengthen your muscles, and restore your body functions, which can help you gain confidence during your daily life. It is a medical device that corrects the spines of men and women of all ages.


[Product Features]


It has comfortable wearability, but it is also firm as a plastic. It does not only have excellent durability, air permeability, quick drying property, and absorptivity, for which it does not burden our body, but it is also designed for easy wear and takeoff.


Its 13 spring steel bones erect and support weak abdominal muscles as well as the spine and its surrounding muscles. It is of standard type, which makes it applicable to anyone because it is not just a simple body shaping underwear that pressurizes our bodies and organs; instead, it is ergonomically designed to match the pelvis sizes of people of all ages and both sexes. An adjustable strap is mounted above and below in the back to decrease abdominal pressure and for easy movement.


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company information
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