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Eco-friendly tile (Far-infrared radiation 95 Percentage emitting and Bacteria 99.8 Percentage decrease wall tile )(Pd No. : 80066)

(Updated : Oct/22/2014)
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[Product Information]

Eco-friendly Wall tile

Far-infrared radiation 95% emitting and Bacteria 99.8% decrease wall tile


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< Features of Product  >


Our product development is complete at the end of 10 years, and

I started producing pure products are distributed to domestic raw materials.

Ahteuwol and the lining material is being used primarily as

Consumers desired size, shape, thickness, color, etc. can be processed.


The main ingredient in our products due to the high refractoriness of alumina and silica get Lot of refractory bricks are used to make.

Koryo celadon, Joseon white porcelain, and is used as the raw material of high magnetic Clay that does not cause a chemical reaction chemical properties and high oil adsorbent,


• Paint, paper clay, high purity, especially deungedo is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. are used as raw materials.

Clay in the world that Korea is famous for high quality but,

Sat whiteness is described that the most excellent quality.


South Korea said the clay soil of our products, even if

Halo is produced mainly from domestic clay sites, and

Imported clay is used in the paper industry the kaolrinayiteuipnida.


Much of the infrared emission products, and vitamins in the air and emits negative ions that can be called.

I also called loess sokeneun Karratha filled with live yeast, which is the cause of the aging yeast karataje active oxygen,


The reduction of lipid peroxidation in the human body to detoxify and decompose is beneficial bioactive compounds.

200 million in the red clay of a spoon are living microorganisms,

In addition to karataje dipenol Ajay D'Oxy, sakaraje, contains enzymes such as proteases.


Product particles are fine and contain more oxygen. Thus, talent and deodorizing cleansing, are the properties of skim.

Without heating in a common soil and similar heating (60 ℃ or more), the

Infrared radiation (5 ㎛ ~ 15 ㎛) by the superior energy curve close to the most beneficial to the human body,

The central part of the body temperature of 35 ℃, maintenance, promotion of metabolism, increasing blood flow to the role, helping to relieve fatigue.


The birds and the smell of tobacco products, as well as a cause of Sick Building Syndrome formaldehyde and toxic organic compounds by adsorption and deodorization

Always maintain a comfortable indoor environment gives (94.3% and after 120 minute of takeover).


City of product absorbs moisture and humidity are high and dry, the city radiating the moisture will automatically adjust the indoor humidity.

When hot, hot outside and block the opening and, when cold, the room exudes warmth as opposed to controlling the temperature.

(Heating and Cooling estimated 20% reduction in energy and fuel)

The antimicrobial activity are harmful mold and to prevent the formatting of various fungi,

Infrared radiation to the high rate of 94.3% and anti-aging, 99.8% have Pseudomonas aeruginosa (bacterial reduction).


Promote blood circulation, stress relief, skin care, neuralgia, back pain, chronic fatigue should be effective.

Korea's best well-known professor than ocher clay, kaolin is

20 times more potent than ocher-logged functionality is superior.

• Building the culture now a residential area due to the large proportion of chemicals are composed of.

• TV (electromagnetic), sofa (bacteria), wood (preservative materials) writes, plastic, kitchen (food odor), etc.

In addition, the countries of the world due to their chemical building material has a lot of worry.

• These environments where indoor air is often poor.

• The following issues as environment-friendly products of our company and products

• Indoor air purification is a.

• 2013 years of architectural interior room as

environment-friendly products "wall" tile use.

• sayongcheo hospitals, buildings, banks, hotels, schools,

restaurants, Art Gallery, housing, APT, including all residential areas

• family and the world we all wish to stay healthy,

environmentally friendly products.

• For more information can be found on the website.



                                                 [ Good points of the product ]


◉ infrared capabilities

1. Facilitate the flow of blood and promotes perspiration

2. Biological degradation accumulated in the excretion of waste products and

the ability to midnight (Skin Care)

3. Human cells activates the (Anti-Aging)

4.Indeed, the release of heavy metals from the body with facial effects Sikkim

5.Geriatric effective in preventing a massive 95% of the infrared emission is a tile.

6. Heupchwi, antibacterial, morphology effects

7. To prevent the breeding of fungus, dehumidification effect


◉ anion (bio ion) effects occur

1. Purification of air pollution,

2. Building materials and the purification of the toxic substances

3. Cigarette smoke, food smells, the smell of decomposition bulgwaehan removed,

4. Mold prevention, blocking harmful electromagnetic

5. Admiral ability and antimicrobial, filtering effects, and prevention of atopic

6. Blood circulation, chronic fatigue and stress, improving concentration

7. The cause of Sick Building Syndrome HCHO (formaldehyde)

And adsorption of toxic organic compounds and the ability to seize

8. Pokposuna pine forests in the interior allow you to feel

Excellent harmful compounds, deodorization and bacterial action decreases.

(Gwaejeokhan forest-like environment)

9.Tailin clay tiles environmentally friendly food poisoning, cystitis,

and the detection rate and cause of The E. coli and ear infections, bladder infections

that cause up to 99.8% of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Equipped with features to reduce the outstanding various bacteria reduction.

10. Immunocompromised people reduced fungal allergies, sinusitis, pneumonia, etc.

Arsenal FC can cause spread of corruption is the cause of mold and food

Penisilrium production molds and other fungi is inhibition.

11. Kaolin clear the blood and nervous stability and recovery from fatigue, appetite

The effect of the vitamin in the air is called..

12. Kaolin "clay" 20 times more than the loess is better known features.


 Uses : Hotel .Arts Hall. Showrooms. APT. housing. Daycare center,

          hospital. Schools. Residential environment


Best  Regards,

 Have a nice day



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◉ CEO : Mr Kim Hyun-Hwa


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company information
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